I am so proud of what this band has done in only 5 years. glad that I came in year two and end with this awesome show in year 5. So happy that this was my last show with CTJ.

Hope you all enjoy the show as much as I did performing it  

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    Holy crap. This is my marching band.
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Hi! I'm Gaby. I'm currently nineteen and reside in Texas. I'm totally obsessed with Harry Potter. Ronald Billius Weasley is the love of my life and I plan on marrying Rupert Grint in the near future. I also love Disney movies, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Make it or Break it, color guard/marching band, Newsies and many of other things. Feel free to talk to me.

CTJ Band 2009-2012
Claudia Taylor Johnson Winterguard 2013

P.S. Haley Reetz is an awesome best friend for putting this together for me!